Lyric Video Production

Get a professional Lyric Video for your song.

We utilize images and/or videos, motion backgrounds, clean typography, transitions and FX to create high quality Lyric Videos perfect for promoting your music on YouTube.


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We offer high quality services with the best value for money.

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Trust in our talent, we have resources and expertise to valorize the story of your song.

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What is a Lyric Video?

A Lyric Video is basically a music video focuses on displaying the lyrics of the song on the screen while the graphics moves in perfect sync with the beat of the song reproduced and can be customized with images, logos and background videos. Thanks to YouTube it has become a very popular and powerful promotional tool widely used by record labels, major and independent artists.



  • Animated words
  • Static camera and background
  • We can incorporate logo, cover art and artist picture
  • Full HD H.264
  • 2 revisions included
  • Delivery in 3-5 days
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  • Animated words, letters and graphic elements
  • Animated camera and background
  • Custom animation scenes for verses, bridge, hooks, etc.
  • Transitions and FX
  • We can incorporate logo, cover art and artist picture
  • Full HD H.264 or Apple ProRes with extra $50
  • 3 revisions included
  • Delivery in 10-15 days
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Do you have an instrumental track?

If you want to save money or if you have an instrumental track, we have the promotional tool for you. We create amazing Audio Visualizers Videos in which we can incorporate the cover art, the logo and the artist picture, add a time counter and a graphic equalizer with all the animations moves in perfect sync with the beat of the music.



Some of our creations

Christmas in Love

The Immense

Island Beach

Somebody I’m Not

The Clouds

Unexplained Vibrations

Words of You

Happiness Folk


Forgive Me


Caribbean Sun

Help Me to Live

The Way

Non so cosa fare con te

Intimate Flavor

Midnight Terror

Bright Emotions

Happy Times


Caribbean Party

A Lovely Day


Broken Pieces

Love is for You

Evoluzione (Remix) [Lyric Video]

Rising Star

I Will Live

If You Love Me

Haunted House


A Nice Day


Chasing the Soul

Jingle Gabrielli

Warrior Woman

Ready to Dance

Santa Claus Makes Me Happy



Don’t Cry


Lemon Kiss



Pop Success

My Joy

Hello Butterfly


I’ll Be Your Guide

Sweet America


I Need You

Future Technology

You’ll Fall in Love With Me


Infinity (Musica per Madre Terra)

Summer Vibes

The Power of Love


Wonders of the World

The Groove

80’s Always With Me

Never Leave Me


Io con te

Pensieri e parole

Paradise Islands

Brain Control