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Infinity (Musica per Madre Terra)

You’ll Fall in Love With Me


What is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty Free Music is the music for which by purchasing the license you get permission to synchronize with other audiovisual products, still following the guidelines of the license itself. In other words, this type of music with its use does not generate rights (royalties), but the use license is acquired with a one time sync fee that the user pays to the author only once at the time of purchase.

Who manage your licenses?

Our licenses are currently managed by the following marketplaces:

Why "AdRev" claimed my video on YouTube and how can I remove the claim?

To protect our tracks from unlicensed use all our music is registered with YouTube’s Content ID(1) system through the AdRev(2) platform. Therefore if you use one of our tracks in a YouTube video, you may receive the “Includes copyrighted content” notification.

AdRev claims are not copyright strikes and do not affect your YouTube account or the availability of the video. YouTube merely informs you that it detected copyrighted music and may start showing ads in your video. If you don’t mind, you can simply ignore the notification. If instead you are a YouTube partner and monetize your videos, you will not be able to monetize on that video until the claim is removed.

If you purchased the license the claim can be easily removed. To do this go to AdRev and fill the form. You can use licensing certificate or sales receipt as proof. Claims are removed within 24-48 hours.

If you wish to clear your video before releasing it on YouTube, when you upload you may set it as “Unlisted”. Then proceed as described above and when you receive confirmation that the video is cleared you can then set it as “Public”.

(1) Content ID is a digital fingerprinting system that content creators can use to easily identify and manage their copyrighted content on YouTube. Videos uploaded to YouTube are compared against audio and video files registered with Content ID by content owners, looking for any matches.

(2) AdRev is a YouTube Partner platform that relies on the Content ID system to manage and administer copyrighted content on behalf of content owners. This platform provides users with various information such as which videos their content is used in, tracking of unauthorized uses, viewership reports, and distribution of any monetization earnings.